PEI First Aid TrainingPEI First Aid Training

Accident don’t always happen near a hospital. That’s why First Aid Training is so important.

If you don’t know what to do when someone gets hurts, you should plan on taking a Red Cross First Aid Course.

If you live on Prince Edward Island, you should look up C&M First Aid Training. They offer course such as:

Emergency First Aid
Standard First Aid
Marine Basic First Aid
Marine Advance First Aid
Emergency Medical First Aid
First Responders
Stay Safe
Babysitting Course

With over 20 years of First Aid training experience, Prince Edward Islanders Trust C&M First Aid Training.

Our company works in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross and the Heart & Stroke Foundation. We provide First Aid training to both companies and individuals across PEI and are a family owned company.

All our certified instructors focus on providing a curriculum that meets the needs and interests of our participants. All our first aid courses are Health & Safety certified and good for a three year period. We invite you to check out our courses.

May we suggest that you check out our Emergency First Aid course description. It is one of our most popular courses and will help you prepare for those everyday emergencies.


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